Other Consular Services


Payments should be made by Bank Transfer to the following bank details. Bank receipt as proof of payment.
Bank: Turkiye Is Bankasi A.S.
Branch Name: Koroglu Street / ANKARA
Branch Number: 4234
Customer Name: Embassy of Ghana
Customer ID: 271149241Account Number: 4234-0445946
Currency: EUR
IBAN: TR69 0006 4000 0024 2340 4459 46
All payments and fees are non-refundable. Post paid returned envelop.


Ghanaian Travel Certificates are issued to only persons who are not in possession of a Ghana Passport and require traveling to Ghana under emergency situation.

They are available for single journey to Ghana only cannot be used for return journey to Turkey.

They are valid one (1) month. In addition to completing an application for Travel Certificate Form, applicants will be required to produce evidence of Ghanaian nationality such as photocopy of a previous passport, original Birth/Baptism cercificate, any Ghanaian Identity card, together with two (2) passport-sized pictures and the appropriate fee.

Applicants for Travel Certificates will be requested to report for an interview.

Certification Fee: €100


Attestations are made to only Ghanaian documents such as affidavits for change of name or marital status, birth certificates, marriage certificates etc. All sworn affidavits from a high court in Ghana must bear an authentication letter from Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Accra before submission to the Embassy for the required attestation.

Divorce decrees issued in the Turkish language or any other language, other than English, must be notarized translated into English before submitting to the Embassy.

In all cases photocopies of the applicant’s Ghanaian passport (pages of personal particulars, photo and signature) must be attached to the request.

Attestation Fee: €40


Applicants applying to renounce their Ghanaian citizenship must submit a duly completed Declaration of Renunciation of Citizenship of Ghana Form.
Applicants must also submit the following in addition to the Form;

  1. The applicant may address a formal letter in this respect to the Minister for the Interior through this Embassy.
  2. The application should be accompanied by detailed Curriculum Vitae of the applicant, clearly stating the name and current address of his/her parents as well as indicating whether he/she is in any way indebted to the Government of Ghana by way of bond, scholarship or otherwise.
  3. After fulfilling the above requirements, the appropriate forms will be sold to the applicant by the Minister for the Interior for completion at a fee of four hundred (400) Euros.
  4. The completed forms should be returned with two (2) passport size pictures and a letter of warranty (uittreksel) from the Municipality in which the applicants resides. This warranty should be translated into English and both versions attached to the application. All applicants should also attach their current Ghana passport.
  5. The submitted documents will then be forwarded to the Minister of Interior in Accra for consideration. Upon approval, the Minister of Interior would issue a Renunciation Certificate and forward it to this Embassy for onward delivery to the Applicant.
  6. It may be pointed out that the renunciation becomes legal only after the renunciation certificate has been issued.
  7. Please note that you will be notified when mission receives the appropriate documents from the Ministry of the Interior of Ghana. Applicants are therefore advised to apply for renunciation of Ghanaian nationality at an early stage of their procedure for acquiring Turkish nationality.



  • All Foreign Correspondents wishing to visit Ghana are required to complete an Application for Press Accreditation form at the nearest Ghana Diplomatic Mission. The application, which should be accompanied by three passport-size photographs, will be forwarded to the Director of Information Services Department in Accra for processing. In addition to the completed form, the following must be provided;

1.  The name and telephone number of the Local Coordinator
2.  Synopsis or brief about the production
3.  Locations to be visited
4.  Copy of bio-data page of Passport

To avoid delays, the application must be received in Accra at least 10 days before the date of arrival.

  • In the event of the need for correspondents to travel at short notice to cover breaking news in Ghana, permission can be sought through the Director of Information Services in Accra through the Ghana Diplomatic Mission.
  • The visiting correspondents should indicate the purpose of their visits, members of government and officials they would wish to interview and places of interest they would like to visit.
  • Request for interview with the President should be submitted through the Mission accompanied by questions for the interview. The questions should be received in Accra not less than four (4) weeks before the arrival of the correspondent in the country.
  • Requests for interview with Ministers of State and Government officials should be made through the Information Services Department.
  • Visiting correspondents should, on arrival in the country, report at the Information Services Department for accreditation before they undertake any assignment. A fee, the cedi equivalent of US$80.00 per head, is charged for the issue of press cards to foreign correspondents.
  • The accreditation covers only one visit. However, accreditation for resident foreign correspondents is given for a year, subject to renewal. Application for renewal should be accompanied by a written confirmation from the correspondent’s employers that he is still in their employment. A fee, the cedi equivalent of US$200 per head, is charged for the issue of accreditation covering a period of one year.
  • Correspondents based in areas where there is no Ghana mission may fax details of their travel documents and flights schedules so that the necessary arrangements can be made for them to be issued with entry permits on their arrival in the country.
  • Personnel of the Armed forces, Police, Immigration, Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) and Prisons should not be photographed, filmed or interviewed without prior permission being sought through the Director of Information Services.



Applicants are required to complete Dual Citizenship Application Form (Form 10) for the issuance of the certificate from the Ministry of the Interior.


  1. Copy of bio-data page of Ghanaian passport
  2. Copy of bio-data page of Foreign passport
  3. Copy of Naturalization Certificate from Foreign country
  4. Six (6) recent passport sized photographs (size : 35 x 45mm). Applicants must ensure that the pictures are clear, with plain white background
  5. Evidence of payment


1.  Copy of birth certificate
2.  Copy of Ghanaian parent’s passport
3.  Copy of bio-data page of child’s Ghanaian passport
4.  Copy of bio-data page of child’s Foreign passport

All questions should be answered. The absence of crucial information may cause a delay in the processing of the application.


1.  On acquiring the dual citizenship, a holder will be entitled to apply for Ghanaian passport in addition to their other passport.
2.  Shall be permitted to remain in Ghana without limitation provided the person entered on a Ghanaian passport.
3.  Shall not be permitted to use two passports interchangeably to deceive an Immigration Officer. Any holder of Dual Citizenship found to be using two passports interchangeably will be considered to have committed a criminal offence and will be liable on a summary conviction to a fine not exceeding 250 penalty units or to a term of imprisonment not exceeding one year or to both.
4.  No citizen of Ghana shall qualify to be appointed as a holder of any office specified in this section if he holds the citizenship of any other country in addition to his citizenship of Ghana:

  • Chief Justice and Justices of Supreme Court
  • Ambassador or High Commissioner
  • Secretary to the Cabinet
  • Chief of Defence Staff
  • Inspector-General of Police
  • Commissioner, Customs Excise and Preventive Service
  • Director of Immigration Service
  • Commissioner, Value Added Tax Service
  • Director-General, Prisons Service
  • Chief Fire Officer
  • Minister or Deputy Minister
  • Chief Director of Ministry
  • A rank of Colonel in the army or its equivalent in other security services; and
  • Any other public offices that the Minister for the Interior may by legislative instrument prescribe.


Police clearance is issued to all Ghanaians upon request, i.e. those living at home (residents) or abroad (non-residents). Police clearance is also issued to foreigners who have stayed in the country for 3 months and above.

If you have resided in Ghana but presently in a foreign country and need a police report, you can register and submit your application online through the Ghana Police e-Services website or you can appoint a representative (preferably a relative or friend) to apply at the CID Headquarters in Accra on your behalf.

Your representative would be made to fill CID FORM 196 (NOMINAL VETTING ON BEHALF OF APPLICANT NOT RESIDENT IN GHANA). Information required in this regard includes basic personal details, passport details, two passport-size photographs and brief information on your representative. Please refer to the guidelines for completing downloadable vetting form.

Applicants are expected to pay an official fee as indicated on the Ghana Police e-Services website.

In this case, your fingerprints cannot be taken but other details provided are enough for the police to furnish you with the needed report. The Police clearance certificate is usually obtainable within 10 working days.